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What we do:

  • New            Servers, Networks  and  Workstations
  • Upgrade    Tired Computers or Networks
  • Repairs      System Maintenance, Software and Components
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Compact Computers

Using the latest technology and high quality components, we custom build systems to match your needs and ensure that all components are fully compatible with each other.

We then setup and test the entire network, to ensure there are no bottlenecks which slow down the systems.

If new hardware or data outlets are required, the entire  process is co-ordinated to avoid any interruption to your business.

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ASUS Servers
  • Free Advice on Systems, Networks and Upgrades
  • Virus & Trojan Removal Specialists
  • Wireless & WiFi - Installation & Setup
  • System Optimisation and Software Installation
  • Upgrades & Repairs to Most Computers
  • Quality Built - Business Computer Systems & Software
  • Custom Built - Servers & File Backup Solutions
  • New Notebooks (Laptops) / Netbooks / Tablets
  • Broadband - Selection & Setup
  • Domain Name - Selection & Registration
  • Email / Website Design & Hosting
  • Network Cabling - Installation / Testing & Setup
  • Communications - Telephone Cabling
  • - Performed Under ACRS Registration A8116
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Windows 10

Microsoft have skipped the numbering of the next Windows to be released, by jumping from 8.1 to 10, which is said to be designed as a "Big Leap Forward".

Since the start of Windows 8, we have been helping clients with the transition by installing a free start menu that has made Windows 8 function like Windows 7, allowing business users to be able to comfortably move past Windows 7.

However, one of the major differences with Windows 10 is re-introducing the Start Menu, which should have been part of the major change between 8 and 8.1, then the business world would have felt more comfortable with the "Tablet Designed Operating System".

As such, this latest release is being described by many reviews as the new Windows 7.5!

Windows 10

Backup Maintenance

Do you have a recent backup?

All too often, I receive a computer for repair, only to find that not only has the hard drive crashed, but the owner does not have a recent backup. To make it worse, some have no backup at all! So precious pictures and important files are often lost forever.

Whilst Data Recovery from a failed hard drive is possible in around 50% of cases, mechanical failure requires sending the drive to a special and often expensive laboratory. Even when data is recovered, it may be too little and too hard, or damaged to put back in place.

With the low cost of backup drives and online storage these days, along with low cost or free backup software available, there is no reason to risk losing all those important files and email.

Compact Computer

Should you upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8

Windows 7 is still the preferred operating system for business use, as a lot of employees have difficulty getting used to Windows 8, if they don’t use a other computer with it (at home etc.)

Windows 8 is more designed for touch screens on Notebooks (Laptops) and Tablets than standard desktop computers. It also has “Charms” where you can download Apps and Games, that often distract workers from the day to day work requirements.

However, as most new Notebooks (Laptops), and Desktops now only come with Windows 8, employees will become more familiar with it and there will eventually be a smoother transition to using it on work desktops as well. There is also a third party menu available, to make it work more like Windows 7.

Aside from running a bit quicker and handling more memory, the only real advantage in Windows 8 is to be able to use the same desktop settings between other Windows 8 devices, “provided the individual has a Microsoft account”.

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Windows XP ~ End of Life

Windows XP users are being continually advised that they need to upgrade their operating system/s, or replace their system with a new computer. What it really means is that there is no longer any support with security updates and patches etc.

Unless you are using Windows Security Essentials as a free AntiVirus, which will no longer receive updates on Windows XP, there is no need for concern, as it will still work normally .. aside from Microsoft marketing pop-ups wanting you to buy an upgrade.

Having said that, an upgrade may revitalise your computer and fix the cranky bits from happening. However, aside from trying to get used to a new operating system, it would be best to check if upgraded drivers for your laptop are available before any move to Windows 7, or Windows 8.

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